What do CEOs and Teenage Girls Have in Common

by Ashley Perry

“Whenever teenage girls and corporate CEOs covet the same new technology, something extraordinary is happening.” Michael J. Saylor, entrepreneur, billionaire, and author of the book, “The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything.”

Technology is woven into our lives. Between 2005 and 2015, technology surpassed its own records for growing at an exponential rate, due to the shift in how the internet was being used.

The big change was the evolution to Web 2.0, which isn’t a specific technical upgrade, instead it’s a shift in the way of using technology. Users were able to interact with each other on web pages, instead of only being able to view the content. It became easier than ever to publish your own opinions and some big platforms were born- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp. 

Social media completely changed how we see the world around us. It vastly impacts how we communicate and form relationships, how we access and spread information, and in our decision making process. 

Yet most nonprofit organizations lag at least 5 years behind in technology standards, and many are struggling to incorporate digital into their traditional methods.  

In a recent Salesforce article, 16% of nonprofits identified themselves as being of high digital maturity. So, are you one of the 84% out there, on the edge of a precipice, working harder- not smarter? Everything you know is behind you. The future is more unclear now than ever. What do you do to ensure your long-term success?

What nonprofits needs to realize is that technology:

1) is integral in order to effectively execute every single aspect of their mission. 

2) is not just donor databases and online fundraising.

3) can streamline your entire operation. In fact, 85% of nonprofits surveyed believe that technology can replace a lot of the manual tasks that take them away from delivering services.

4) makes it easy to provide transparency, including better reporting and compliance.

5) allows you to allocate your resources more strategically.

6) facilitates better communication within your organization, your beneficiaries, your donors and all other constituencies. 

7) is exciting!!

Consider the many ways nonprofits are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) - data analytics, smart forms, chatbots, and so many other technology-based enhancements to support their mission and grow their organization. 

In fact, Boston based nonprofit Picking with Purpose does just that- they use robots to pick, sort, and box foods for needy families, year round, from distributed surplus foods. 

It is not too late

to become one of the innovative nonprofits who make the most of what current technology can provide. But the time is- NOW. 

Remember how 84% of you acknowledged that you weren’t utilizing technology to its full potential?

Don't you want to be a trend leader?

You can be!!

Nonprofits are like Captain America.

They are the embodiment of the highest ideals and the noblest champion of causes. In that respect, you already are a trend leader.

Everyone wants to be part of something that makes them feel good about themselves, including doing good for others.

Giving people that opportunity is a total win-win.

“Nonprofits often don’t imagine that they should have the same capacities as for-profits, like the latest tech. But as nonprofits take on more and more responsibility in communities, they need to reimagine their roles and what they can accomplish.” –Philip Hackney, nonprofit legal scholar

Your community needs you now, more than ever

Don't you want to take advantage of every possible opportunity for growth and use the same techniques that have proven success in the for-profit business sector?

It is the only answer to long term sustainability and success.

The pandemic set back years of progress that was being made by nonprofits as resources were cutback and redistributed to new areas of need. Some nonprofits did not survive, and their communities have suffered as a result. 

Technology is not going to go out of fashion, as any teenage girl could tell you--if she’d talk to you. Like any good for-profit CEO, it is your responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability and success of your nonprofit. 

Take a lesson from those who know, and do something NOW.

Everyday, technology is changing.

Changing your technology

can change your every day.

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