Technology is well, a lot...

That’s why we obsess about it – so you don’t need to try to be an expert in that, too.

We understand two things:

1. Technology

2. Nonprofits

We are experts in the inner workings of nonprofits, and understand the nuances of how, why, and when to spend on technology.

We are also experts in technology, and know which tools get you the biggest bang for your buck.

This is why exists. To help you, and all nonprofits succeed with technology.

You need to start somewhere. But where?

We with discovery- let's talk about your current operations- complaints, struggles, strengths, and successes.

What are your goals? Is your current tech stack meeting your needs? Is your team working efficiently? Do you trust your data? Are you using it to help make decisions?

We ask a lot of questions. You tell us what you need.

Then we create the roadmap together. and NonProf-IT Summit are members of the Virtua Consulting Group, a family of businesses including IT Consulting, Business Consulting, Conferences, and Learning. Our teams are some of the most hard-working, talented, passionate people in the world of IT and Nonprofits.

The Team

Justin Esgar, CEO, Virtua, Virtua Consulting, Virtua Computers, Non-profit, technology, NP tech, NP technology, summit, aces conference

Meet Justin

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Justin Esgar is the founder and CEO of Virtua Consulting, a New York City-based company in its second decade of operation. VC divisions include the Apple-certified consultancy Virtua Computers, the business-focused ACES Conference, and the software development group Virtua XYZ. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island and over 15 years of industry experience, Justin focuses on empowering businesses, organizations, and individuals with the judicious application of technology.

Ashley Perry, nonprofit, tech, technology, IT, MSP, apple, apple consulting, NYC, nonprof, fundraising, nonprofit tech

Meet Ashley

Ashley Perry is an experienced, well rounded leader and problem solver who is always looking to take nonprofits to the next level. Her 15 years of experience in accounting, business management, and technology has allowed her to create a strong platform from which she helps nonprofits see the big picture and move forward. Passionate, patient and skilled, Ashley has created a name for herself in this industry.

Based in snowy Colorado, Ashley lives with her two rescue dogs, Tucker and Elke. In her little spare time, she enjoys volunteering at the same rescue shelter from which she found Elke.